Anglophone Alert!
The frenchies have a head start, with 3 reviews already posted on the net.
So do your duty, and lets add some in english.
In the meantime, here, translated, is what they say :

JNC's Music & Movies PAGE
"So go visit the Chez Jay website, and listen to their available songs.
Really nice acoustic pop."

La Mygale Infernale

"Chez Jay, a valuable duo :
Discovery today of a couple of exceptional musicians
blessed with that rare artistic quality worthy of the greats (...)
The style of our two hosts is difficult to classify, "Chez Jay" is a
beautiful sound, a harmony in the voices and the balance of instruments.
It's also a lovely example of complicity, the songs feed
into one another with always this same signature touch..."

"From Irish-French origins, these two musicians offer us pure acoustic music,
mixing harmonica, double bass, guitar and the voice of Justin...
(...) Music breathing with the singer's Irish roots, simple and gentle,
Chez Jay deliver warm folk-pop, tinged with crooner's travels and tales.
So let yourself be guided by the harmonica and the double bass,
enhanced with the voice of Justin singing us stories of what he's seen, out there..."