©Nicolas Gallon
    Justin McCarron :
    Nomad by nature, Justin left Ireland at the age of 18,
    spending seven years in England en route for France.
    An actor by profession, he also writes and performs music
    for theatre and cinema, be it double bass, guitar, piano, or singing.
    Over the course of his travels and encounters, Justin
    continually concocts songs, which he happily delivers to us now, Chez Jay.
    Singer, Guitar, Double bass.

©Nicolas Gallon
    Arnaud Fleuri :
    Born free and French, Arnaud takes flight from Royan aged 17, touches down
    in Bordeaux for 3 years, then lands in Paris.
    Alongside writing his own songs- voice, guitar and harmonica, he works as a
    technician: Ingéson EGP (Enregistrement Georges Pétillaut) and Internet at
    Complementing Justin with an atypical approach to making music, Arnaud is
    an original instigator of Chez Jay.

    Guitar, Harmonica