In real audio and mp3, site about the acoustic group Chez Jay, featuring an Irish singer-songwriter and a French harmonica player.

(chez. prep. 1. (a) c.qn, at someone's house, home)

Chez Jay is the european union of Justin Mc Carron (Irish) and Arnaud Fleuri (French).
Here's where you can taste our mouthwatering musical melange of voice, guitar, harmonica, double bass and more.
All original acoustic compositions, you can only hear them here, at Chez Jay.
This site is for you to listen to us then, but we'd like to listen to you too! Any thoughts, comments and especially compliments will be graciously received. Looking forward to hearing from you...

  • In the kitchen :
    Our 4-song CD is being patiently prepared for
    your ears only, featuring Maisie, Night Shift, Honey and Time's Up.
    In the meantime, record-companies are of course welcome to sample
    our humble offerings.
    And tell their friends if they like.

Reservations : (00 44) 7876 252116